What food supplements do we actually need?

Suplements vitamins with glass off water

A lot of clients when they start with us ask what food supplements should I take???

The simple answer is: zero to very little.

While I would recommend a basic multivitamin all year round and a liquid vitamin D3 in the winter months. Certain supplements like probiotics, beet root powder, protein powders, co enzyme Q10 etc are not really necessary.

Multivitamin food supplements.

The reason why I recommend a basic multivitamin is that majority of our clients are looking at getting leaner, losing adipose tissue, tightening up etc but that is basically improving their body composition.

In order to improve your body composition, you must do one or both of these two things:

  • Decrease your calories.


  • Increase your output.

Food supplements stress the body?

Both of these actions unfortunately stress the body, which increases the need for a basic food supplements multivitamin that has (vitamin C, vitamin D, Iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12) to name just a few. Although you can get these from your food, if you want to look your best for a specific deadline, we would style your training to implement both steps mentioned above.

As mentioned before this fast tracked way will indeed stress the body and having an extra help in keeping your body tip top using a multivitamin

Unfortunately with living in Ireland, in the winter months we don’t see the sun. A lack of vitamin D3 has been proving to decrease muscle and bone mass and increase fatigue and even depression.


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