Personal training

At Studio 41 we understand that not everyone is the same, therefore personal training needs are individual.

Thus, our fitness and weight loss programmes are specific to your goals, your body and your life style. Our dedicated team of personal trainers understand that you do not have the time or motivation to achieve your fitness goal on your own- we are here to help you achieve results with our tailored Training Programmes!

Ask yourself
- What am I looking for from my Personal Training Programme?

Weight Loss

Now ask yourself
- How can a Personal Training Programme work for me?

We offer an initial consultation with a duration of one hour with your personal training instructor, who will take great care in explaining every aspect goals and objectives.

At this stage you may not even know what they are- we are here to guide you!

We will complete a body compositional analysis which gives you and your personal training instructor a complete body compositional breakdown including your body fat percentage, metabolic age, and muscle mass even down to your bone density.

All this information is later used to develop your tailored meal plan and your fitness routine.

We are in this together! 

As you progress through your fitness journey and achieve your goals, your personal training instructor will continue to review your plan and alter it so that you progress and achieve your goal.

You can be assured that our personal training instructors will take every detail of your plan into consideration in order to ensure that you are at the heart of everything we do.

We will take care to motivate you throughout your journey, offering all personal training support necessary with a focus on achieving the results you want.

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