Corporate Wellness Programmes with Studio41

Enhance your corporate wellness programs by offering fitness classes or a weight loss program at your office or corporation

Studio41 enables healthy organizations. We are an industry pioneer with more than 45,000 hours of experience. Our comprehensive, personalized corporate wellness and fitness programs change lives while optimizing health and productivity. We believe that the path to health and wellness is made of empowering lifestyle changes – and that we can inspire people to be the champions of their own wellbeing. Let us help you create a healthy workplace.


Let Studio41 do the work for you and provide you with professional,
certified fitness instructors.

We will consult with your HR department to custom-design a program to fit the needs of your employees.

We will also ensure that your corporate wellness programs: on-site or custom off-site fitness classes at our studio are designed with your needs in mind.

Weight loss challenge programs

Corporate Wellness Fitness Programmes On-Site Options through Studio41

Fat Blast Challenge Series – Goal of series is to educate employees about importance of exercise and a healthy way of eating. Fat Blast Challenge series will improve body composition by lowering BMI, Body Fat and weight and by improving cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. (Individual results will vary)

On-site personal training

Let our trainers come to your facility before, during (lunchtime) or after work to train your employees on your existing equipment.
Each client will be assessed individually at the beginning of their training and every six weeks following.

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